Welcome to my Underworld brings eight blazing hot Canadian playwrights together to create a thrilling theatre event unlike any other.  




 These new dramatistsbring gatecrashing ideas, serious politics, and fresh bracing language to the stage. They have created current, compelling characters never seen on our stages before, showing us how the very concept of human identity is shifting. 

The playwrights include: Bilal Baig, a queer Muslim artist; Ellen Ringler, who has navigated the mental health system; Nikoletta Erdelyi, a young poet and project coordinator who uses a wheelchair, Radha Sciara-Menon, a brazen South Asian British Canadian playwright  Grace Campbell, a fearless  writer, performer and visual artist living with a disability, Maddie Bautista, a Saudi Arabia-born Filipino theatre maker and composer/sound designer; Simone Dalton, a queer Trinidadian-Canadian playwright; and Carolyn Heatherington, an 89 year old internationally acclaimed actress who has proven to be an extraordinary playwright.


The playwrights have each contributed a searing one-act play, which has been expertly woven into a single journey into the depths of the Underworld in search of the truest self.