Playwrights define the theatre. Playwrights theatrically define the realities of the world we are living in. They bring the gatecrashing ideas, the serious politics, and the bracing language we need to understand those ideas.  There have been great strides made in diverse casting in the theatre community nationwide, however, there is still a shocking lack of diversity in the playwrights whose plays are presented on our stages. We are dedicated to supporting and producing brilliant emerging playwrights of all backgrounds and identities and ages. These playwrights thrillingly create current, compelling characters never seen on our stages before.  They invent new, astonishing ways of storytelling; they are the next wave of Canadian culture. RARE Theatre reaches out to the best of these playwrights and is beyond excited to share their life-changing work with you.


As a company dedicated to creating dynamic and unique theatre with artists from communities seldom heard and rarely seen on our stages, we at RARE are pioneers. No other theatre does exactly what we do, and therefore we are resolved to grow. This means reaching further out to create more unique theatre with communities that have yet to be seen and heard by the public. As Artistic Director, Judith is very excited about the idea of delegating some artistic responsibility to the newest generation of theatre makers. She hopes to learn from them as well as to offer guidance from her 40 year’s working in the professional theatre in Canada.



You have many worthy organizations asking for your support. Why us? We were fortunate enough to receive a substantial 3 year grant from the Trillium foundation in 2016, which enabled us to produce Wildfire, with a cast of six actors with Down syndrome, After the Blackout, with six actors with a variety of difference, and now Welcome to my Underworld, with 9 playwrights with wildly varying identities.  We are now in the third and final year of that grant.  When we close Welcome to my Underworld, we will have no funding left. We need your support to continue the crucially important work that we do. Our artistic director does not take a salary, and our extraordinary board members all donate precious time and energy. We believe in employing artists whose communities have been invisible. We believe that their stories need to be heard, and we are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space in order to collaborate with our artists to create the most potent and transformative theatre in the country.  Please have a look at the testimonials of our artists and their families to better understand how meaningful and empowering working with RARE has been for each and every one of them. It would mean the world to us if you would subscribe to our theatre, so that we can make sure you get the very best seats whenever you wish and that we can include you in a newsletter outlining our workshops with artists, our rehearsal plans, the hiring of the team and more.




From research and development to workshopping; from rehearsing to the final performance, the production Wildfire was an amazing learning experience for all those involved in this unique production. Working with such amazing individuals, RARE Theatre carefully documented each stage of the creation process, with the intension of sharing our experiences with those who wish to create with differently-abled individuals in the future. It has been an honour to work with each member of the Wildfire team and it is our pleasure to share with you all that we have learned during this exciting journey.



Throughout the seven (7) workshops, RARE Theatre’s goals were to improvise, collect stories from artists, and to research institutions in order to develop a working script in preparation for reahearsal. Along with script editing and framing of materials - it was RARE’s intention to also physicalize the play in order to locate issues or problem areas in advance of moving into scheduled rehearsals.



Continuing from the work achieved during the workshops, the main focus for the rehearsals was to block the piece, incorporate all movement, dance and stage combat as quickly as possible in order to shift the focus to line memorization and running the play as a whole. It was RARE’s intention to spend the majority of April running and drilling the show so that it would come naturally to each actor

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The main goal for the performance of Wildfire was to engage and educate each audience member on institualization that happened in our own community. 

The goals set for the cast were to encourage self-advocacy for themselves and for their community – ultimately - to ensure that the general public knows how differently-abled individuals were persecuted so that these atrocities do not happen again.


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