after the blackout

May 2018 (Soulpepper)

Every one of us will have a crash and burn moment; breaking precious ties - Are those ties broken forever?

When the worst we can imagine happens to our bodies, will we ever feel powerful again?  We can climb a mountain with no legs, we can cycle with no vision, do algebra with brain damage, find our way in the dark with no hearing, but the greatest power must come from the courage to mend what we have broken.

A cast of artists who are blind, deaf, brain injured, and living without limbs shows us what it is to see, hear, think and touch.


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May 2017(Soulpepper)

Wildfire, researched and performed by actors with Down syndrome, is a play within a play within a play; exploring both freedom and imprisonment, through a story of forbidden love and institutionalization. Wildfire is performed by the critically-acclaimed cast of 2013’s ground-breaking play RARE.



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2013/2014  (Soulpepper)

Borne was co-written and performed by 9 individuals living in wheelchairs.  Five of the performers were quadriplegic and the other four were a mix of paraplegic and other conditions that meant a wheelchair was a necessity. Each performer told their own hilarious and heart-breaking story, destroying the myths and preconceptions about living with a disability. 



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(Toronto Fringe/Soulpepper/Kitchener Playhouse/York U)

RARE featured nine theatre artists with Down syndrome, composed almost entirely of their words and their stories. Judith and the ensemble of 9 crafted a production that used the actors’ life experiences, thoughts and feelings to reveal their sorrows, frustrations, hopes and ambitions. In performing RARE this community became highly visible, and more deeply understood.

RARE was a Patron’s Pick at the Toronto Fringe Festival in the Summer of 2012 and had a successful run with 3 extensions with Soulpepper in the winter of 2013.


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SICK: The grace project

2009  (Next Stage Festival, Factory Theatre)

The play sets out to explore the many concepts and ideas relating to disability, illness, challenge, and what it means to be thought of as sick by the rest of the world. SICK: The Grace Project gives voice to young people who may otherwise be disenfranchised by their experiences; showing not only the pain and isolation but the joys and grace with which these remarkable young adults navigate and control their own destinies.

Body & Soul

2008 to 2010 (Soulpepper/Tarragon/The Firehall Vancouver)

In real and personal stories, these women share their personal stories of triumphs, tragedies, and life's funny moments, while challenging the reader to look beneath the surface of how society views women, especially as they age.

Body & Soul was commissioned by Dove as a way to demonstrate that beauty has no age limit.