From research and development to workshopping; from rehearsing to the final performance, the production Wildfire was an amazing learning experience for all those involved in this unique production. Working with such amazing individuals, RARE Theatre carefully documented each stage of the creation process, with the intension of sharing our experiences with those who wish to create with differently-abled individuals in the future. It has been an honour to work with each member of the Wildfire team and it is our pleasure to share with you all that we have learned during this exciting journey.



Throughout the seven (7) workshops, RARE Theatre’s goals were to improvise, collect stories from artists, and to research institutions in order to develop a working script in preparation for reahearsal. Along with script editing and framing of materials - it was RARE’s intention to also physicalize the play in order to locate issues or problem areas in advance of moving into scheduled rehearsals.



Continuing from the work achieved during the workshops, the main focus for the rehearsals was to block the piece, incorporate all movement, dance and stage combat as quickly as possible in order to shift the focus to line memorization and running the play as a whole. It was RARE’s intention to spend the majority of April running and drilling the show so that it would come naturally to each actor

Wildfire - Cast masks.jpg


The main goal for the performance of Wildfire was to engage and educate each audience member on institualization that happened in our own community. 

The goals set for the cast were to encourage self-advocacy for themselves and for their community – ultimately - to ensure that the general public knows how differently-abled individuals were persecuted so that these atrocities do not happen again.